“Mysticism is a dance between the visible and the invisible,
a constant search for truth that transcends words and concepts”

Carlos Castaneda “Journey to Ixtlán”

It’s All Here

Who we are

Spora is the first end-to-end company to discover fungal strains in expeditions around the world’s most pristine ecosystems, processing them through bio & nanotechnology to create new mycelium product categories.

As an innovative fabric house, we enable our selected consumer brand partners to tap into cutting-edge technologies and leverage Spora’s fabrics to create unique product collections that the world has never seen.

These collections amplify our brand values and promote the culture of giving back to the communities and ecosystems that support us on this journey.


We’re inspired by nature, the ultimate engineer. Within its perfect intelligence we find the wisdom of circularity and the answer to the future of our planet and species.

Every element, every being, interconnected and interdependent. We believe nature’s endless circle of life and regeneration is the ultimate model. The natural principles of circularity will define all new sustainable systems. We unlock this intelligence because there is a need of change.

Humbled by the power of nature, we revere its intelligence.

Human Transcendence

If we want to solve the issues challenging mankind’s very existence, we must transcend the artificial separation between humanity and the natural world. Only by understanding our indivisible bond to the environment, other sentient beings, and all natural systems on earth and the cosmos, can we thrive, live a more fulfilling existence and guarantee the future of our home planet.

This is the time to shift how we see our own human-kind and to reach beyond what we thought possible with the aid of technology and science.

Ancestral Mysticism

As witnesses of science and nature, we seek ancestral wisdom. Our rigorous ethos recognizes the potential of the lost knowledge of mankind’s mystical legacy. We commune with remote communities that have preserved a culture connected to higher forms of consciousness.

Knowledge is revealed. Balance is returned. Every interaction is precious, every action, punctuated by gratitude and respect. Our giving spirit guides our behaviors.

This mystical connectivity irreversibly changes us. It’s inherent to our very own humanity and crucial for the preservation of our home planet.

Self Discovery

As great believers in human potential, Spora exists to transform humanity’s value system through experience, in preparation for a new era of conscious living. We strive to inspire others to feel what we feel, to envision a future where humanity is forever intertwined with nature.

We want to ignite the Spora sense of wonder and adventure in others and make them connect with their inner agent of change. So that they can, in turn, share and propagate our passion. When you feel it, you believe.

Mycelium Fabrics

The end-to-end process enables us to develop a wide range of products and materials, achieving versatility in colours, textures, look & feel, aromas, and hand feel.


Black Tourmaline

Black Onyx


Exotic Emboss

Spora’s Exponential

We are ushering in a new age of materials, molecules
and components: a new alchemy, as the only path towards true sustainability and the circular economy that the future of life on earth demands.

Genome Editing

Spora’s profound bond with nature’s intelligence allows us to work with the most basic structure of existence itself; DNA.

To date, Spora has 30+ genome transformations of gold standard strains and a proven CRISPR/Cas toolkit with several genome editions and numerous to come in the future. Focused on constantly improving the final products developed with our partners.

mycelium fabric with Nanotechnology

Nano-crosslinking is how we give reinforcement to fungal hyphae mediated by nanoparticles functionalized specifically for each fungal specie.

Revere nature’s intelligence with Nanotechnology

Thanks to the knowledge created through nano crosslinking, nature allows us to incorporate new nonstructural materials that reveal its intelligence in the final product. In the form of functional properties such as superconductivity, magnetism, CO2 adsorption capabilities, among others.


“The commitment of the Spora Foundation lies in the noble purpose
of preserving the Earth that sustains us while honouring the traditions
and wisdom of those who have lived in harmony with it for generations.
Through mutual respect and the exchange of knowledge, we seek to forge
a connection between humankind and nature, opening the path toward
a sustainable future in harmony with our environment”

José Miguel Figueroa Co-Founder & CTO



Respect Biodiversity